By using multiple exposure technique I try to tell stories, that cannot be told with a single frame. I strive to portray the atmosphere and emotions that the surrounding world evokes in me, to capture the spirit of a place, and show how the light and other elements of the scenery change over time. A multiple exposure image, composed of two or more shots, is always a kind of flight from reality and a departure into the unknown. It enables me to show a vision in a unique and very personal way that cannot be easily reproduced.


By changing the perspective and photographing from above, the Earth reveals a completely new and exciting face – landscapes transforms to abstract paintings painted by natural elements like water, vegetation, rocks or soil.


Some fall in love with Budapest at first sight, others will only become devotees after a longer stay, but no-one denies that it is one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world.

VOGUE Publications

Collection of photographs published by Vogue.

Wonders of HUNGARY

Breathtaking natural wonders. plants, forests, landscapes, geological formations and touristic attractions.


Collection of black and white nature photographs


Appreciating the average, avoiding the spectacular.


Some places worth visiting

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